Welcome to the "Fat Cow" project...

The several paragraphs below give a brief history of "The Fat Cow Project". If you have already read it or have no interest in reading it, just scroll to the bottom of this page for the downloads.

In 2003 I was called to serve on the "Emergency Preparedness Committee" in our Ward in Salem Oregon. Also serving on the committee was Alisha Trussle, whose knowledge and expertise in this area was like no one I had ever met. Together we proposed the idea of the "Fat Cow Project" to the rest of the committee and it was decided that the two of us would put the documentation together and as a committee we would present it to the ward.

We knew that the amount of information which needed to be dispensed was so great that we couldn’t wait until Alisha and I finished it so we decided that as soon as we had the introductory documents and a poster we would begin the presentation with a joint meeting of the R.S. and the Priesthood to kick it of. We presented binders to each family in the Ward at that meeting with the announcement that we would present each section (consisting of one or two pages) to the Ward members each Sunday for as long as it took us to complete it. Nearly a year later it was completed and each member had the information.

We discovered that though this plan was brought about by our needing time to complete the documents, the anticipation of receiving the new information each week kept it all fresh and exciting to the membership and it gave them all the necessary time to read and understand the information and to complete the challenges at the end of each section. We would advise that this same pattern be followed by anyone presenting the project to their Ward or Stake, but of course that would be your choice.

Following our release from the committee we found that may people who were friends and relatives of Ward members were inquiring as to where copies of the project might be found so Alisha and I decided that we would like to make it available to anyone who would like to use it in their Wards or Stakes.

By the way, Laurence, the main character in my illustrations, is Bishop Larry Gates, who as you will soon learn was generous enough to put up with the insulting illustrations I created of him each week without complaining even once. Not only was he a great Bishop but a good sport and a good friend.

We hope you will put it to good use and that it will bless the lives of many

Doc Christensen

Below are four downloads containing the entire presentation documents of the "Fat Cow Project" which we (Alisha and I) give our permission to be used for personal or church purposes. Our only request is that it not be used for any personal or commercial gain.

© Copyright Doc Christensen 2012